You’ve managed to save at least $10,000 in personal savings or in your superannuation account and you want to keep saving money for things you’ll want to do or buy in the future – or just in case of emergency.

You want your savings/superannuation to avoid unnecessary fees and annual taxes.

You are comfortable with investing/saving long-term.

You’ve watched as others try to do the same using savings accounts that pay little or no interest or superannuation funds that invest in the stock market post negative returns and you don’t want to risk your savings.

You consider investing/saving in houses over the long term is preferable to just putting money into savings accounts that diminish you account balance with fees, charges and annual tax on any growth your savings may make.

You’re watching your savings or superannuation diminish with low or negative returns, tax, management fees – many costs you’re paying you just don’t have to.

You’d like to buy property but you know you’ll never be able to save a deposit for a house – let alone service a loan from a lending institution.

Even if you could, and even if you could find suitable tenants, you’d prefer not to be coping with loan and interest repayments, property maintenance expenses, (especially if you need to renovate after a bad tenant), land-tax, rates, insurances, taxation accounting and all the other chores and costs involved with maintaining an investment property.

Your family is growing – and is like a black-hole into which you throw never-ending amounts of money.

Right now it could be education costs for your younger children – or maybe it’s turned in to the additional costs of older children who are at uni or requiring cars.

Whatever your financial situation is right now, from now on, it’ll likely get worse before it gets better.

And, if that’s not enough, you’re realising having enough money to retire with is going to be an issue which you’re also going to have to attend to – and sooner rather than later.

You realise you’re going to need a long-term savings or superannuation plan in order to have enough money left over for yourself.

You also realise that just using ‘traditional’ savings accounts – or superannuation – won’t solve your problem because the fees and taxation will just diminish your account balance.

While you’d like to invest in houses you can’t risk having your savings tied up into an asset you’d have to sell, maybe for a loss, if you need ready-cash in the future – maybe for a financial  emergency.

And you can’t see the point of wasting money by paying interest on a loan – which would have to be supported if your ability to continue earning an income is affected by ill-health or work issues.


You realise you should have done more to accumulate a retirement nest-egg but don’t want to put your nest-egg into traditional areas like annuities, term deposits or savings accounts where it’s value will likely be diminished by fees, inflation and taxation.

You certainly don’t want to gamble your nest-egg in the stock market in the hope of getting a return better than ‘safe’ savings funds can make.

You’ve retired – but don’t need all of your nest-egg right now.

You realise that to enjoy your retirement you’ll want to be able to access all or some of your funds at any time, while leaving the balance to accumulate.

You’d prefer the balance of your funds aren’t in accounts that will be continually diminished by account or management fees and annual taxation.

You’re asset-rich but are finding it difficult to make ends meet financially.

You NEED cash NOW to live comfortably and pay outstanding and upcoming bills.

You think maybe it’s time to sell your house and move … or …

You don’t want to move and do want to continue living in your own house.

You wish to convert the equity you’ve built in your house into cash you can spend TODAY.

You are unwilling to enter into a ‘reverse-mortgage’ arrangement.

You want to start planning the distribution of your estate, maybe even gift money NOW.

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