In all probability, if you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve either realised your past attempts at accumulating savings have proved futile and are looking for another saving strategy or, alternatively, you’ve managed to save some money and are looking to diversify your savings plan.

Maybe there’s information here that can help you.

But, before you read further, let’s make it clear. There’s no financial advice given here – everyone’s personal financial situation is different and there’s no ‘one cure fixes all’ solution..

This website has no agenda, it isn’t trying to sell you anything or influence your financial decisions in any way.

All you’ll find here is information and discussion to help you make your own common sense decisions about what might be right for you.

Do your own research to determine whether anything you read on the web site has any relevance to your own personal situation.

If you’re unsure about making any financial decision it might benefit you to seek the services of a professional financial adviser.

It’s your money – do with it whatever you want to, even if that’s nothing.


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This web site will help explain why trying to ‘save’ money in accounts that pay little or no interest, (which is taxed), combined with the effect of inflation is an exercise in futility.

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